The TAPESTRY research project explores how transformation may arise ‘from below’ in marginal environments with high levels of uncertainty. TAPESTRY focuses on three ‘patches of transformation’ in India and Bangladesh – vulnerable coastal areas of Mumbai, the Sundarbans and Kutch.

Climate change is considered to be a major threat to the environment and people’s wellbeing around the world, but its local impacts are uncertain and varied. In disaster-prone marginal environments in India and Bangladesh, climate uncertanties interact with other drivers of change.

TAPESTRY’s work is around ‘patches of transformation’: intitiatives and alliances between different actors (local communities, NGOs, scientists and state agencies) that seek socially-just and ecologically sound alternatives, based on local people’s ideas of what transformation means, and historical perspectives on it. Each ‘patch’ is unique; some fade, others grow or merge to form a tapestry.

Read more: About TAPESTRY

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