COP26: Engaging with wider experiences of climate change

In the run-up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in 2021, Lyla Mehta recorded a short video for the UKRI (UK Research and Innovation) about TAPESTRY’s work and the challenges of tackling climate change.

Professor Lyla Mehta is Professor at the Institute of Developing Studies. Lyla’s research is about climate change challenges, water, and sanitation where she argues that the perspectives and experiences of poor and marginalised people are mostly ignored.

Lyla wants to understand and lift the knowledge and experiences of people who are the frontline of challenging climate change, and the TAPESTRY project works with poor coastal communities who are affected by climate change in everyday life.

My hope for COP26 is that rich countries recognise their responsibilities to the planet and the rest of the world. Climate change is not just about solving a technical problem, it’s fundamentally about justice, so richer countries like the UK need to radically decarbonise and reduce emissions, show some leadership and solidarity, and be prepared to make amends.

Source: UKRI website

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