‘Rising waters, sinking city’: multimedia documentary

Indian magazine The Quint features a multimedia documentary about rising tides in Mumbai, focusing on the experiences of traditional fishers from the Koli community.

The report explores the economic hardships and uncertain weather conditions faced by fishers, as well as the impacts of the controversial Mumbai coastal road project.

TAPESTRY researcher D. Parthasary (IIT Bombay) is quoted in the report, discussing the shortcomings of the city’s climate action plan, as well as the impacts of major construction projects on the life and ecosystems of Mumbai.

Although climate change is a major source of uncertainty, it is one of various factors that are changing conditions for the Koli community. These include large development projects which affect tidal patterns and ocean life, over-fishing by larger companies, and pollution in the city’s waterways and around the shoreline.

Documentary: Rising Waters, Sinking City (The Quint)

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