What difference has Covid-19 made to uncertainty in marginal environments?

A new article in the journal Frontiers in Human Dynamics explores the impacts of Covid-19 on vulnerable people in coastal India, drawing on TAPESTRY research. These communities already experienced a number of uncertainties and challenges before the pandemic.

The article looks critically at responses ‘from above’. Late and inadequate responses to the pandemic were widespread. But some authorities have even exploited the moment to push through damaging projects or undermine resistance. However, many local people in coastal areas have responded with civic action and mutual aid, and for some, the pandemic has prompted conversations to rethink the possibilities of pathways to more sustainable futures.

The article, The Political Ecology of COVID-19 and Compounded Uncertainties in Marginal Environments is by Lyla Mehta, D. Parthasarathy, Justin Pickard and Shilpi Srivastava. It is published Open Access.

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